Spin for a project


Thursday, August 17
09:30 to 16:30


143,05 $
18,00 $
161,05 $ (without taxes)

Spaces available


All workshop registrations are non-refundable, unless the class is cancelled by the Festival.

Your weekend pass for the festival is included when taking a workshop. Only one pass per person. You can get your bracelet at the entrance.


This workshop will focus on picking a project and how to spin the desired yarn for it. Fiber choices will be discussed, drafting, spinning, and plying techniques will also be the focus to help the students achieve the yarn they want. How to calculate the amount of fiber will also be discussed.

Students will leave knowing how to:

  • Choose the right fiber for a project
  • Select a drafting styles suited for the yarns end use
  • Match a control yarn
  • Finish their yarn
  • Swatch and estimate enough fiber for their project

What to bring

A project pattern (optional), a commercial yarn that the above pattern calls for (optional), knitting needles in a size suitable for desired project to do a swatch, niddy noddy, working wheel, spinning wheel oil, tensioned lazy kate, 3-4 empty bobbins with leader.

Material provided:

Fiber to spin, handouts


Alanna Wilcox
Thursday, August 17 09:30 to 16:30
La Kambuse ( L'Ancestrale B&B)

Students should already be able to spin a yarn on their wheel.

Alanna Wilcox spinnybuns

Alanna Wilcox spinnybuns

Alanna Wilcox is an accomplished fiber artist, designer, author and presenter with over 10 years history of spinning, dyeing, knitting, and teaching. She has earned the OHS Spinning Certificate with honors and is currently pursuing an in-depth study to earn the title Master Spinner. With a background in fine art and art education, she is able to make new fiber art techniques accessible to her students while helping them build confidence in using their newly acquired skills. She is currently on the faculty of Nazareth College in addition to having taught at an OHS Seminar and conference, the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival, the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival, & private group workshops. Alanna was introduced to fiber crafts at a young age by her grandmother when her love of playing with thread began. She finds inspiration in colors, textures, and soft squishy things.


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