Plying: beyond the basics


Saturday, August 17
09:30 to 16:30


127,40 $ Can
24,15 $ Can
151,55 $ Can (without taxes)

Spaces available


All workshop registrations are non-refundable, unless the class is cancelled by the Festival.

Please note that your 3 day pass is included with this workshop (1 per person).


The techniques taught during this workshop include chain plying (Navajo plying), creating a cable plied yarn and creating novelty yarns like coils/beehives, knotted yarns and beaded yarns

What to bring

  • Working wheel with an orifice large enough for a seed bead to pass through (electric spinners welcome)
  • Spinning wheel oil
  • Lazy Kates (tensioned is preferred)
  • 4-5 empty bobbins with leader

Material provided:

  • Zip lock bag
  • Seed beads
  • Nymo thread
  • Fibre for spinning
  • Beading needle


Alanna Wilcox
Saturday, August 17 09:30 to 16:30
Room 2 AFSPN

Knowing how to spin a continuous yarn and plying a 2-ply yarn

Alanna Wilcox

Alanna Wilcoxspinnybuns

Alanna Wilcox is an art teacher by day and a fibre artist by night. She loves sharing her passion with others and is constantly making things, especially projects that have to do with colour and fibre to express her creativity. She earned the OHS Spinning Certificate with distinction in 2015 and the Master Spinner Certificate in 2017. Working with fibres is something that she lives and breathes, sometimes literally.


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