Kumihimo and natural dyes


Saturday, August 17
09:30 to 16:30


137,40 $ Can
15,00 $ Can
152,40 $ Can (without taxes)

Spaces available


All workshop registrations are non-refundable, unless the class is cancelled by the Festival.


Participants will dye cotton yarn in three shades to learn the basics of natural plant dyeing. They will then use the yarn to plait a beautiful decorative rope by learning the Japanese art of kumihimo with traditional tools.

What to bring

A pen or pencil to take notes

Material provided:

  • For the dye baths /
  • Plants for yellow
  • Plants for red
  • Plants for grey-green
  • For each participant /
  • Notebook
  • Five prepared skeins (one already dyed with indigo)


Katarin Laruelle
Saturday, August 17 09:30 to 16:30
Salle 122 Complexe Whissell


Katarin Laruelle Point de marge

Katarin Laruelle Point de marge

Katarin Laruelle trained at the Centre des textiles contemporains de Montréal in textile construction and is currently studying archaeology at McGill University. She is particularly interested in textile archaeology. In addition, she has visited various artist and group residencies in the rest of Canada and Scandinavia. She is also the artist behind the collection of hand-woven and hand-dyed stationery items “point de marge.”


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