How to print on fabric with natural dyes


Thursday, August 16
09:30 to 16:30


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Many people know that it’s possible to dye with natural dyes but we can also print with natural dyes…In this workshop, you will learn how to print with natural dyes. You will learn how to make your own print mordant paste and your own block for printing. You will print on different samples and have handouts to facilitate your exploration at home after the workshop.

What to bring

An apron and a pair of gloves. Paper and pencil for taking notes and drawing. We will print with print blocks. You will make your own blocks. Don't hesitate to bring your own blocks if you have some (or other material/object for stamping). We will print on cotton samples. If you want to bring your own fabrics : make sure it's a cellulosic material (cotton, hemp, linen...not wool or silk). And well wash these fabrics (you can boil them in water with soda carbonate to take off the primer).

Material provided:

Pre-washed Indian coton -polystyrene -velvet sticker -vinegar -chalk -alum -iron sulfate -guar gum -wheat bran -katechu -gallnuts

Mariane Laforest Atelier 1N

Mariane Laforest Atelier 1N

Born in France, Mariane grew up surrounded by nature. She was a graphic designer before discovering the world of fibre and textile art. She likes the beautiful imperfections and surprises that natural dyes bring out. These imperfections are what brought Mariane to start her own brand of natural dyed fabrics; Atelier 1n


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