Colorwork in fundamental weaving patterns (weaving)


Friday, August 17
09:30 to 16:30


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Making a thoughtful use of colors is an inherent part of the weaver’s work. The purpose of the workshop will be to improve our perception of color’s contrasts and phenomenon through the making of a rich and detailed sampler to which you can always refer in future projects. We will first address basic color notions in regards to its perception, its contrasts and its terminology. The making of a sampler will allow us to evaluate and appreciate new hues that are created from the crossing of warp and weft threads, which will all appear slightly different in relation to the weave structures used. We will learn to create 2-color gradients in the warp only and in the warp-weft combination. Finally, we will address multiple wefts weave structures.

What to bring

4-shaft loom (at least 12" for weaving width), Reed 10, 12 or 20 (inch count), Drawing-in hook, Shuttles (at leats 2), Bobbins, Scissors, Grid paper, Pencil and eraser, Kraft paper (12" by 4 yards)

Material provided:

Warp, Weft threads on bobbins, Bobbin winders, Workshop handouts


Anne-Marie Groulx
French and English
Friday, August 17 09:30 to 16:30
121 Complexe Whissell

Basic manipulations, threading of the warp, fundamental weaves.

Anne-Marie Groulx Atelier le Serpentin

Anne-Marie Groulx Atelier le Serpentin

Anne-Marie Groulx lives and works in Quebec City. She graduated in 2015 in Textile Construction from the Maison des métier d'art de Québec (MMAQ) and she dedicates herself to textile creation and production. Winner of Grand Prix MMAQ (2015) and other creation grants, the artist has shown her work at the Canadian Guild of Crafts (Montreal) and within the Public Libraries Network in Quebec City. She is technician in the Textiles department and she teaches complex weaves at MMAQ. Anne-Marie uses Jacquard weaving to create artworks and to research the medium on an exploratory level. She is interested by the reproduction of the hand mark through a technique that imposes a rigid structure. The artist is also interested by repeating patterns and by optical mixes of colors. Her woven pictorial work is characterized by a thoughtful illustrative work and an extensive use of colors. Anne-Marie is especially interested in popular culture. Through an ethnologic approach, the artist ironically analyses material culture which she documents in order to show the trends of the third millennium.


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