Boro patchwork


Sunday, August 18
09:30 to 12:30


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All workshop registrations are non-refundable, unless the class is cancelled by the Festival.

Please note that your 3 day pass is included with this workshop (1 per person).


Boro mending has a long tradition in Japan as a beautiful yet necessary means of using hand stitching and patches to extend the life of garments.

In this workshop we will honour this heritage by embellishing an indigo-resist-dyed tote bag with plant-dyed fabric scraps, applied in layers using simple sashiko embroidery stitches that in repetition create stunning visual effects. As we stitch, we’ll also discuss how boro’s beauty in imperfection fits into the wider Slow Fashion movement and how hand-mending can be both sustainable and expressive.

Participants are invited to bring along items of clothing that need mending and we’ll look at strategies for repairing them creatively. Each participant will take home their personalized tote with extra patches for later embroidering, a sashiko needle and thread, as well as a reference guide of basic sashiko stitch patterns.

What to bring

  • If desired students can bring items of clothing or accessories in need of mending
  • The intention is not to do the mending during the class but to look at strategies for making the repairs in confidence at home using some of the stitches used on the tote sampler.

Material provided:

  • Pre-dyed cotton tote (resist-dyed with natural indigo)
  • Selection of linen and/or cotton fabrics
  • Pre-dyed with natural dyes and pre-cut
  • Embroidery thread
  • Sashiko needles
  • Safety pins


Andrea Belcham
Sunday, August 18 09:30 to 12:30
Salle du personnel AFSPN


Andrea Belcham

Andrea BelchamRenard et Fleur

Andrea is the founder of the plant-dyed yarn company Renard et Fleur, which offers primarily Canadian-milled fibres coloured by plants grown or foraged from her landscape, as well as by natural dye extracts from further afield. She applies her fascination with botanical hues to other textile pursuits, including indigo resist dyeing, eco-printing and sashiko stitching, and loves devising workshops that contribute meaningfully to the slow fashion movement. Follow her textile-centric activities on Instagram where she is @foxprintfibres.


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