Twist Podcast 2018

The Transistruck was at Twist Festival on August 18th !


The interviewer Andréa Martel-Crites met the girls from the podcast Les ProcrasKnitteuses, Jean-Luc Chartrand from La Ferme De Falco, Julie Asselin from Les laines Julie Asselin and  Émilie et Paule from the podcast Émilie&Paule in this French podcast:


She also met Amélie Blanchard, the founder of the Twist Festival and cashmere goats breeder,  Diana Walla; knitting designer,  Amanda & Zhara From Heritage Livestock Canada and Lorraine Weston. from Cottage Craft Angora in this English podcast:


Interviewer and researcher : Andréa Martel-Crites
Technical supervisor : Steven Boivin
Editing : Julien Morissette

Produced by Twist Fiber Festival and Transistor Media



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