Alanna Wilcox

Alanna Wilcox is an accomplished fiber artist, designer, author and presenter with over 10 years history of spinning, dyeing, knitting, and teaching. She has earned the OHS Spinning Certificate with honors and is currently pursuing an in-depth study to earn the title Master Spinner. With a background in fine art and art education, she is […] Read more

Anna Mathis
Ploome fiber art

Anna Mathis is an international award winner for her textile designs, a graduate of the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, and has recently completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Adult Education at the University of New Brunswick. Mathis is the founder of Ploome Fiber Arts and enjoys being involved in the entrepreneurial community. Her […] Read more

Bristol Ivy

Bristol Ivy is a knitting designer and teacher from Portland, Maine. Her work focuses on the intersection of classic tailoring and innovative technique, and has been published with Brooklyn Tweed’s Wool People, Quince & Co., PomPom Quarterly, Interweave Knits, Amirisu, and many more. You can find her at www.bristolivy.com and on Twitter and Instagram as […] Read more

Céline Barbeau
La maison tricotée

A Knitting teacher for the past 15 years, Céline is the owner of La Maison Tricotée, and says: ” I have a viral side” She likes to share her love and interest for wool, its history and techniques. Knitting is an art that has joined women, families and communities since the dawn of time. It […] Read more

Clara Quintela
Clara Beauty

Clara Quintela, aka Clara Beauty, is a Brazilian living in Canada since 2012. Journalist by trade. Fiber artist by nature. She currently studies at Concordia University, in the Fine Arts – Fibre and Material Practices program and teaches in her own studio Le Laboratoire Textile, in Montreal. Knitting addicted (of course!). Big fan of strong […] Read more

Denis caron

For ten years now, Denis Caron has been braiding and weaving arrow sashes. His main interest focuses on pieces with the insertion of glass beads, oblique weaving and the more ancient belts. All the designs are explored to create objects which respect traditional techniques. With his commitment to transmitting this passionate art, he teaches the […] Read more

Diane Gonthier
Les ateliers d'un pas feutré

Diane Gonthier, Master Spinner, has an active professional practice since 2003. She creates unique and contemporary large scale custom wool felt works, for and with different collectivity ( Artist at school, municipalities, specific clienteles or events…). Her personal research offers a truly renewed look of the wool medium. Just like individual wool fibres end up […] Read more

Ginette Bérard

Originally from the Mauricie Region, I traveled around the province of Quebec and in the United States for a short stint in the 70s. Passionate about hand knitting and machine knitting for the past 35 years, I have perfected my knowledge by attending workshops on “Knitting Machine Design” offered by the Lasalle College in Quebec […] Read more

Guy Charbonneau
le gars qui tricote

Guy Charbonneau has been knitting for more than 45 years. Watching his mother knitting, he was fascinated by the fact that one could make something with only two knitting needles and a piece of yarn. Since then, his passion for knitting has grown steadily. For the past few years, he has been knitting mostly socks […] Read more

Jennifer Tsuchida

Jennifer Tsuchida is a Toronto felt artist who is enchanted by the magic of turning wool fibre into a cohesive felted fabric. Employing both traditional and modern feltmaking techniques, Jennifer creates hand felted sculptural pieces of functional, decorative, and wearable art. She is at once inspired by the natural world and the underbelly of the […] Read more

Julie Asselin
Les laines Julie Asselin

A lifelong knitting and textile arts lover, Julie fell into dyeing when she was still a child ! In 2012, she turned her passion into a business, stirring her dyeing pots to create her own line of hand-dyed yarn. Beyond dyeing, she’s interested in the textile industry and its environmental aspect. These past 2 years, her […] Read more

Julie Biron
La Julie Factrie

Julie Biron first obtained a Bachelor in Public Communications in 1997, followed by a Bachelor in Visual Arts and Media Relations in 2001. However, it is during a one-year stay at the “École supérieure d’art, Aix-en-Provence (2000-2001), that she slowly moved towards the textile arts where she is passionately evolving ever since. During the last […] Read more

Julie-Bénédicte Lambert

Julie Bénédicte Lambert was born in Ottawa. She lives and works in Montreal, Quebec. After completing her bachelor’s degree in Studio arts at Concordia University (2000), she decides to improve her technical skills in fibre structures by completing a DEC at the Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles  (2013). Finalist of the 2013 edition of the François-Houdé award, Julie Bénédicte benefits from a grant at SODEC (startup […] Read more

Loretta Moore
Hooked on the lake

I am a hooker – rughooker that is! I have been hooking for about 20 years. I dye my wool fabric, cut it into strips and pull looks through linen backing to create rugs, pillows, wallhangings, purses. I love to get people “hooked” on this wonderfully creative old art form.

Louise Lemieux-Bérubé

Born in Montreal, Louise Lemieux Bérubé has graduated in Art History from the University of Quebec in Montreal. She has studied Jacquard weaving at the Rhodes Island School of Design and combines her skills in photography, computerized textile creations and weaving. As a professional artist for more than 30 years, she has exhibited in Canada […] Read more

Mariane Laforest
Atelier 1N

Born in France, Mariane grew up surrounded by nature. She was a graphic designer before discovering the world of fibre and textile art. She likes the beautiful imperfections and surprises that natural dyes bring out. These imperfections are what brought Mariane to start her own brand of natural dyed fabrics; Atelier 1n

Marie-France Gosselin

Marie-France Gosselin is a weaver from Ottawa. She’s the owner of L’atelier weaving Studio, in Kanata. L’atelier is a dealer for Ashford, Mirrix and Louet products, specialized in weaving threads. Marie-France Gosselin, teaches rigid heddle weaving classes at Carriageway Studios in Almonte and in many other places in Québec and Ontario.

Mélissa Bellemare

Melissa Bellemare is a mom of four who picked up her first felting needle in 2012 and has never stopped poking. She loves to make people smile through her creations and loves the art of transforming wool into three-dimensional creatures. She has been selling online and in craft fairs, festivals and conferences since 2013 and […] Read more

Michelle Drummond

I’m Michelle Drummond, I am an Ottawa native, a mother, a student and a weaver. I discovered my passion for weaving while I was on maternity leave and my daughter Elodie Pearl was 6 months old. I saw so many gorgeous weavings that I was compelled to try and make my own and haven’t stopped […] Read more

Monique Ste-Marie
Sainte Marie Design

Monique Ste-Marie is at the forefront of a new generation of designer-makers who apply a modern aesthetic vision to traditional techniques. In 2012, she completed the Textile Construction Program at the Montreal Center for Contemporary Textiles (MCCT) and now has her own atelier in Montreal. She has previously worked in graphic design and multimedia production, […] Read more

Natacha Sansoz

Natacha Sansoz is a multidisciplinary artist, who graduated in 2005, from the Fine Arts School of Bordeaux, France. She practices in the textile arts, appropriation, performance and installations. She evolves in relational art and is contextual. She is the recipent of several grants and has carried out several artist residency programs, such as Erasmus, Spain […] Read more

Natalie Dupuis
Sew By Hand

After teaching in various international schools for over a decade, I decided to combine my passion for teaching with my love of embroidery and handwork. I hold a Masters degree in Education and I carefully structure my lessons to suit my student’s abilities. I first became interested in embroidery after attending a craft show and […] Read more

Nathalie Tremblay

A colleague graduate in fine arts and holder of a university degree in management from “l’École des hautes études commerciales de Montréal” (HEC Montreal), Nathalie Tremblay has been a college teacher in design and textile printing for the past 15 years. She has acquired a vast knowledge in textiles, which only deepened with three trips […] Read more

Roxann Blazetich-Ozols

Roxann Blazetich-Ozols, has worked with fibre and beads for 20 years creating beaded jewellery then kits under the name of BEADADDICT. Recent beadwork collaborations with lampwork artists have given Roxann the opportunity to “engineer” wearable art pieces that have been included in U.S. and Canadian publications, exhibitions and competitions. She is the designer of the […] Read more


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