Alanna Wilcox

Alanna Wilcox is an art teacher by day and a fibre artist by night. She loves sharing her passion with others and is constantly making things, especially projects that have to do with colour and fibre to express her creativity. She earned the OHS Spinning Certificate with distinction in 2015 and the Master Spinner Certificate […] Read more

Amélie P. Bédard
Émilia & Philomène

When asked about her profession, Amélie replies that she makes things. Although her professional background may seem eclectic, she was always guided by her thirst to create. First as an assistant editor at the Éditions du Sommet, then as an author and composer of songs, and now with yarn, her taste for aestheticism has always […] Read more

Andrea Belcham
Renard et Fleur

Andrea is the founder of the plant-dyed yarn company Renard et Fleur, which offers primarily Canadian-milled fibres coloured by plants grown or foraged from her landscape, as well as by natural dye extracts from further afield. She applies her fascination with botanical hues to other textile pursuits, including indigo resist dyeing, eco-printing and sashiko stitching, […] Read more

Anna Mathis
Ploome fiber art

Anna Mathis is an international award winner for her textile designs and has shown and sold her work in galleries across Canada. She teaches Textiles and Entrepreneurship at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design and travels to teach textile workshops around the Maritimes. You can find her at various fibre festivals including Twist, […] Read more

Ariane Gilbert
Vert Ariane

Dabbling into everything from a very young age, Ariane discovered macramé after studying art. Her passion for drawing, fibres and colours led her to study textile design and printing. She then worked for nine years in the textile design department of Cirque du Soleil. Because she wanted to work from home and sell her creations, […] Read more

Christopher Walker
Cabin Boy Knits

Christopher Walker is a fibre artist, natural yarn dyer, knitwear designer, and founder of the Cabinboyknits label. Christopher splits his time between Toronto and his log cabin in Stirling, Ontario. His unconventional work is influenced by the environment around him, whether it be from the rugged Canadian landscape, or the vivid colours and graphic designs […] Read more

Clara Quintela
Clara Beauty

After working for almost two decades as a journalist, Clara decided to put aside all those written words and express herself through threads. Yet, the idealistic dream to make a difference and change the world that led her to choose journalism still lives in her. Now that she has retired her pen, needles are her […] Read more

Daphnee Summers

Daphnee caught the crafting bug early, learning to sew by hand from her grandmother and learning to knit and crochet from her aunt. In her teens, she discovered the Society for Creative Anachronism (a medieval recreation group), and learned to card fibres and spin them into yarns and weave them into beautiful pieces of trim. […] Read more

Denis caron

With more than 10 years of experience, Denis Caron places the teaching of the arrow sash at the heart of his interests in order to transmit this traditional art. By exploring all types of arrow sash and ancestral flat braiding techniques, Denis will show participants all the possibilities offered by the knowledge of basic arrow […] Read more

Diane Gonthier
Les ateliers d'un pas feutré

A native and resident of the Laurentians, Quebec, Diane Gonthier has been working since 2003 as a professional fibre artist and offers a frankly renewed look at the medium that wool offers. Her personal research led her to obtain the Canadian title of Master Spinner in 2012. Diane mainly creates unique and contemporary large-format wool […] Read more

Dominique Dansereau

Dominique Dansereau studied fashion and textiles before becoming a doll seamstress and launching her first company—Rousskine. After creating alone for 7 years in a tiny studio filled with cats, she thought it was time to share her passion and knowledge. Doll- and plush-making classes seemed like a great way to start inspiring others. In her […] Read more

Ginette Bérard

Originally from the Mauricie region, Ginette Bérard traveled around the province of Quebec and in the United States for a short stint in the ’70s. Passionate about hand knitting and machine knitting for the past 35 years, she has perfected her knowledge by attending workshops on knitting machine design offered by the LaSalle College in […] Read more

Joyce Huard

Joyce is a Canadian fashion designer who has been a heavy crafter since her childhood. Her maternal grandmother was a skilled seamstress with unlimited patience. Her paternal grandmother owned a sewing business for a few years when she was a child. She believes her love for yarn and textiles started from there. As an adult, […] Read more

Julie Asselin
Les laines Julie Asselin

Julie loves what she does and knows how to share her passion, getting you hooked on colours and reliable fibre blends. Based in Coaticook, Quebec, a family business that sets itself apart with yarn made with care. Product crafted to ignite your creativity while keeping the well-being of our planet close to your heart.

Julie Biron
La Julie Factrie

Julie Biron first obtained a Bachelor in Public Communications in 1997, followed by a Bachelor in Visual Arts and Media Relations in 2001. However, it is during a one-year stay at the “École supérieure d’art, Aix-en-Provence (2000-2001), that she slowly moved towards the textile arts where she is passionately evolving ever since. During the last […] Read more

Julie Crawford
Knitted Bliss

Julie Crawford is a writer, pattern designer and blogger at knittedbliss.com, known for her weekly series Modification Mondays. Julie has done social media and photography for a variety of yarn and fibre-related businesses. She’s published two collections of poetry and lives in Toronto with her family and two cats. See more at knittedbliss.com or on […] Read more

Julie Desjardins

In French, “accro” means addict. So even in just the brand name, you have a concise description of the person behind it. Julie Desjardins is a passionate crochet designer, ambassador, teacher, translator, and mentor whose mission is to make crochet believers out of everyone. In 2016, Julie founded Francrochet, a collective of French-speaking crochet designers […] Read more

Katarin Laruelle
Point de marge

Katarin Laruelle trained at the Centre des textiles contemporains de Montréal in textile construction and is currently studying archaeology at McGill University. She is particularly interested in textile archaeology. In addition, she has visited various artist and group residencies in the rest of Canada and Scandinavia. She is also the artist behind the collection of […] Read more

Lise Marleau-Nesbitt
Lonely Oak Alpacas

Lise Marleau-Nesbitt is a fibre artist known for her one-of-a-kind felted, woven, knitted, hand-spun, hand-dyed garments and accessories showcasing her love of colour and texture. Her fibre of choice is the alpaca fibre from her own herd of alpacas but she also works with other fibres such as merino wool, silk and Bluefaced Leceister wool.

Loretta Moore
Hooked on the lake

I am a hooker – rughooker that is! I have been hooking for about 20 years. I dye my wool fabric, cut it into strips and pull looks through linen backing to create rugs, pillows, wallhangings, purses. I love to get people “hooked” on this wonderfully creative old art form.

Louise Lemieux-Bérubé

A professional artist for nearly 30 years, Louise Lemieux-Bérubé is a pioneer recognized for her innovative use of jacquard techniques in weaving. She holds a bachelor’s degree in art history from the Université du Québec à Montréal, and is pursuing an international career that has taken her all over the world. She cofounded the Centre […] Read more

Mariane Laforest
Atelier 1N

Mariane was born and raised in France in the middle of nature. She lives and works in Montreal. Her passion for image making led her to first practice graphic design before exploring the world of textiles and patterns. In 2017, she created the 1N studio, a textile studio in which she experiments and teaches printing […] Read more

Marie-José Gustave

Marie-José Gustave, an artist of French Caribbean heritage (Guadeloupe), was born in France and has been living in Quebec since 1998. It is in France that Marie-José graduated with a master’s degree in apparel production. Since then, fibre—especially paper fibres—have always fascinated her. Their flexibility and rigidity make them the best material to bring into […] Read more

Maude Levasseur
La societé textile

Maude Levasseur is one of the founders of La Société Textile, a workshop boutique, and director of artistic engagement at the National Theatre School of Canada. She studied film, poetry and sociology. She learned embroidery, knitting and the art of soup making from her grandmother who was not an activist feminist, but who had all […] Read more

Myriam Rochon
Habi Habi

Founder of Habi Habi, Myriam localy grows coloring plants for textile and shares her knowledge through workshops and conferences. Her experience in visual arts, horticulture and environmental studies brought to plants and the colours they can offer.

Natalie Grambow

Natalie Grambow was born and raised in Montreal. She has solid experience in design, photography, and specializes in textile art and visual art. She has been teaching in this field for many years. Her desire to learn and discover brought her to Asia and later to Latin America, where she learned different traditional weaving methods […] Read more

Philippe Bourgeois
Focus Pokatus

Philippe Bourgeois discovered needle felting five years ago. He has been exploring that technique with his wife, Kathryne Bourgeois, from an artistic, but also utilitarian point of view, through their business Focus Pokatus. He has perfected his technique by doing workshops with Marjokeil Dallinga, Pamella A. MacGregor and Sara Renzulli. You can see his passion […] Read more

Roxann Blazetich-Ozols

Roxann Blazetich-Ozols has worked with fibre and beads for over 20 years creating beaded jewellery and kits under the name of BEADADDICT. Recent beadwork collaborations with lampwork artists have given Roxann the opportunity to engineer unique wearable art pieces that have been included in US and Canadian publications, exhibitions and competitions. She is the inventor […] Read more

Sandra Araujo

Sandra Araujo has been knitting and loving it for more than ten years. She travelled around Mexico to teach workshops and sell her products. Sandra learned to knit from a feminist fighter; maybe that’s why her work has a feminine taste with a touch of autonomy and freedom. To pursue her passions, she moved to […] Read more

Shani Théorêt
Bleu Poussière

Shani Théorêt is the knitter, dyer and amateur mycologist who founded Bleu Poussière, a small business producing naturally hand-dyed yarns. She is conscious of traditional skills and passionate about everything that’s alive. She will most certainly infect you with her enthusiasm for natural curiosities and mysterious colours.

Susan Muldoon
Redux For You

Sue Muldoon, an unabashed “chair nerd”, divides her time between two- and three-dimensional work. She bounces back and forth between photography, web design and graphic design to seat weaving and basketry. Her career has always been creative, from wallpaper hanging and interior painting to a lengthy career in the floral industry as a designer and […] Read more

Tamara Kate
Kaya Joy Designs

Tamara is a licensed fabric designer and quilter who is best known for her playful use of colour in her designs. Her work has been featured in a number of North American quilting magazines and she has been sharing her love of designing fresh, modern quilts and other needle arts with students across Canada for […] Read more


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