Megan Cleland

Megan Cleland In The Line of Fibre

Megan has a passion for all things fibre. Living on a sheep farm in Australia for 10 years taught her to appreciate good quality wool. A studio was built and being surrounded by wool, mohair and alpaca, Megan wove, spun and knit. She moved back to Canada in 2008, shipping all her wool and fibres. She decided to combine her love of portraiture with wool, alpaca and other fibres to create realistic animal and people portraits using the technique of needle felting. Finding that fibre blending is different than blending paint and pastels, it has been a huge learning curve but one she has enjoyed. She has taught others to embrace this form of fibre art. Her students enjoy their workshops and leave with the ability to continue on their own journey with the knowledge of transfer the image, blending colors and work with different fibres to create a unique work of art.



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