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The TWIST fibre festival is the most important textile festival in Canada, reuniting the most important players in the industry. The 7th edition will be held August 15th-19th 2018 in Saint-André-Avellin, Qc.

TWIST is an annual event, an excursion into the world of textile fibre for the entire public, as well as fibre enthusiasts, fibre producers, breeders, fibre processors, artists, artisans, professionals, and semi-professionals alike.

TWIST takes place over five days (5 days of workshops and 3 days open to the public), with more than 50 workshops, more than 140 exhibitors, a ton of demonstrations for everyone, a food fair, free activities for kids, textile art and much more!

Schedule and entry fees

Wednesday August 15th
Creative Workshops (registration required)

Thursday August 16th
workshops only, please register here!

Friday August 17th
Festival Activities (textile market, food fair, kid’s activities, demonstrations) 12pm to 5pm (entry fee 5.00$*)
TWIST Launch party open to all (food and drinks in the big top) 5pm to 8pm (free admission)
Creative Workshops (registration required)

Saturday August 18th
Festival Activities (textile market, food fair, kid’s activities, demonstrations) 9am to 5pm  (entry fee 10.00$*)
Creative Workshops (registration required)

Sunday August 19th
Festival Activities (textile market, food fair, kid’s activities, demonstrations) 9am to 5pm (entry fee 10.00$*)
Creative Workshops (registration required)

*plus taxes, free for kids under 12 years old
3 day weekend passes are available for 15$ plus taxes

2018 TWISTED Team

Programming committee

Amélie Blanchard, founder and president
Marie-Anne Adam, art director
Eric Desjardins, operations director
Lise Ranger, amazing volunteer
Linda Perrier, amazing volunteer
Anne Dongois, press relations
Sébastien Lavallée, official event photographer
Suzanne Pelland, photographer
Agueda Iturbe-Kennedy, our bestie
Laurence Desrosches-Jean, coordinator
Marguerite Bineau, logistic
Sophie Bauer, Art Director assistant


 and many more extraordinary volunteers!


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